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Jan. 16 - Fuzzy's Willow Park

Jan. 21 - NEW SINGLE DROPS - Not Too Fast

Jan. 24th - Opening for Carson Jeffery at Love & War Plano

Jan. 28 Fuzzy's Willow Park

Feb. 13 - Gemelle 12-3

Feb. 13 Martian Margaritas 7-9

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Feb. 14 BIlly Bob's Real Love Rare Love Benefit 4pm

Feb 17th - Haltom Theater HayGirl Songwriters Spotlight

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March 18 - Fuzzys WIllow Park

March 20 Hotel Turkey

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April 1 - Fuzzy's Willow Park


April 8 - The Tavern Lake W'Ford


April 9 - Crazy Cowboy Bedford


April 11 - Taylor Dee Tribute 
April 11 - Redd Dawg Outlawz Show

April 14 - HayGirls Lacey Ingram

April 15 - Fuzzy's Willow Park


April 24 - Northside Remedy W'ford

April 28 - HayGIRLS

April 30 -  Crazy Cowboy Bedford

May 1 - Gemelle

May 2nd - LANDMARK hosting Open Mic

May 7 - Stockyards


May 13 - Fuzzy's Willow Park

May 21 -  Fairview Town Center

May 22 - Blanco TX

May 26th - HayGIRLS

May 28 - Hideout Country Club

May 29th - Two Sisters Teahouse

June 9 - HayGIRL

June 12 - Hideout Country Club

June 19 - Rebecca Creek 

June 23 - HayGIRL

Press Release


March 27, 2020

Kendi Jean’s Debut CD Benefits Autism (And Ears)!   

FORT WORTH, TX -- The opening guitar lick harkens back those great George Harrison riffs that kick-started early Beatles songs, and the vocal style meshes the chutzpah of Carrie Underwood with the contemporary insight of Kacey Musgraves. But the ringleader of the newly dropped Lasso the Moon is newcomer Kendi Jean, a Motown-born, Fort Worth-raised singer-songwriter with a cause in her heart. Kendi’s daughter, Molly Rose, was born with developmental delays and autism, and Kendi is donating more than half the proceeds from Lasso the Moon to autism charities during April –– Autism Awareness Month.


Hearing Kendi belt out raucous country music belies her classical music background, her position with an all-state choir in high school, and her stint at Florida State on a vocal scholarship. A gift from her dad in college –– an acoustic guitar –– changed her musical trajectory, and Kendi began writing songs more reminiscent of the country music she grew up hearing. Later, motherhood and her daughter’s health problems prompted Kendi to use music as therapy, and she discovered her true voice for the first time.


“Seeing Molly Rose thrive through music literally pushed me to finally follow these dreams of mine,” Kendi said. “And here we are.”


Pre-sale for the album begins April 2, and $10 of each album sold will go to autism nonprofit charities. And guess who appears as a guest vocalist? Molly Rose, of course!


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